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Sarah Parker Modeling & Talent Agency now offers our extremely popular Model Child® Seminar in an e-Book format! Learn everything you need to know about getting your child started in modeling. The Model Child® e-Book will give you the necessary tools to begin your child's career in the modeling and entertainment industry!

How do I get my child started in modeling?

This is the question asked again and again by parents interested in starting their child in the modeling and talent industry. The Model Child® e-Book will tell you what you need to do to accomplish that goal. Do you have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy composites, portfolios and classes? Find the answer here! The Model Child® e-Book will also teach you the facts you need to know when making the decision of whether you and your child should pursue a career in the modeling and entertainment industry. Learn how to find a reputable agency in the area you live in, and how to register with agents. And, with a few easy to follow steps, we will show you how you can begin your child's modeling career!

Don't spend money unnecessarily...Get started in the right direction!

Get Your Child Started in Modeling!
Model Child®


  • As a parent, what is my relationship with major agencies?
  • How do I become the agent's "Best Parent" acting as my child's manager?
  • What kind of work is available for children?
  • What "type" will my child be cast as, Life-Style or Fashion?
  • What is the best age to start my child in modeling?
  • Do I need pictures, or a portfolio; do they need to be taken by a professional?
  • Will my child get work? What does it pay?
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    Invest in your child's future

    If you're constantly being stopped and told by everyone...
    "Your child should be a model, in television commercials, and catalogs!"
    ... this has all the information you need to get started!
    The Model Child® e-Book teaches you everything you need to know about children's modeling...
    but didn't know who to ask!

    The Model Child® e-Book not only answers all the questions you might have, it will also answer questions you probably never even thought of: Do I need an agent for my child? Do I need professional photos? How do I develop my child's image? How do I register with an agency? How do I find a good agency in my area? How do I design a composite? Do I need a portfolio and résumé? And most important of all... How do I become a good personal manager for my child?

    The worldwide entertainment industry is huge, with daily demands for new faces...
    and believe it or not, the demand is greater than the supply!

    There will never be another child like yours, and your child deserves to be given every opportunity in life. The model & talent business is a confidence builder. Both you and your child will rise to meet the standards of other professional children and parents. Remember, this is a business where in one day your child can earn what some parents earn in a week, month or year! Learn how to be a good personal manager, one who's smart and will not let anyone take advantage of you or your child with the Model Child® e-Book.

    INCLUDED in the Model Child® e-Book:

    • Sample Résumés, Guide and Worksheet

    • Composite Layouts and Examples

    • Image Development Worksheet

    • Model Child® Checklist

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    • No Special Software Required · Built-in Reader Included · Simply Download and Click to Open!
    • Printable
    • Quick 5 Minute Download With 56k Modem
    • 100% Digital - Delivery Will Be Made Exclusively by an Internet Download Immediately After Payment!
    • Order Now and Begin Learning How To Get Your Child Started in a Modeling Career Today!

    You can easily order the Model Child® e-Book using your credit card or online check through our secure online ordering system provider ClickBank. You'll get instant access to your downloadable copy and learn how to start your child in modeling NOW!

    Yes, I want to buy the Model Child® e-Book! I understand that this is a digital product offered exclusively as a download to my PC immediately after my $35.00 credit card payment. This e-Book is written and intended for use by parents of children residing in the U. S.

    Just a 35 dollar investment towards your child's future! Buy and Download securely now!



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